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Infant Care - 6 weeks to 1 year


The infant building is separate from our toddler and preschool building; and consists of four classes. In all classes, children learn best through play and having fun in loving and nurturing environment. 


Infants- We believe infants should be on their own schedule. They are encouraged to play on the floor with each other, get in some tummy time, and are offered a variety of toys, swings, bouncy seats, bumbos, and jumpers. Each facilitates a different view and learning experience to match their growing needs. We constantly talk to the infants so they can hear verbal language being spoken to them.

Mobile Infants- Similar to the infant classroom, these children are on their own schedules. We offer a similar variety of items, but in a bigger room and a greater selection of books and toys. They are also introduced to art projects and many different mediums.

Young Toddlers- This room is a great transition room. Children learn to sit at a table for snack and lunch, wash their own hands and follow a routine. We offer an even wider variety of toys, books, and art projects.


Each day parents are giving a daily report including; feedings, diaper changes, sleeping, mood, and activities. 


2's & 3's Class

The #1 Goal of this class is to make learning fun and exciting for every child. Each monthly unit the curriculum includes science explorations, sound sharing, arts and crafts, fine motor, gross motor, group games, sensory explorations, kitchen science, literacy, writing skills, number and letter skills, shape recognition, math, and Spanish lessons. Projects and activities are done in small goups or 1 on 1. Children are encouraged to become more independent and become "doers and helpers." The classroom is set up differently each month to match the theme/curriculum. New toys, decor and play stations allow the children to fully embrace each unit.  Routine is key in this class, and allows the children to thrive. The major objective for the class is to help children develop awareness of colors, sights, sounds, accents and seasonal changes. Potty training is also 100% completed in this class. 

Toddler Care - 1 to 2 years


The toddler building is separate from our infant and preschool building and consists of four classes. In all classes, children learn best through play and having fun in loving and nurturing environment. 

Children continue to learn to feed themselves with utensils, wash their own hands, and begin working on potty training. We maintain a consistent schedule for meals and potty training/diapering and naptime. We encourage all children to participate in planned activities such dancing, singing, reading, and art projects. We also try to keep the children outside as much as possible during pleasant weather. Our number one priority is always the safety and well-being of each child. 


Each day parents are giving a daily report including; feedings, diaper changes, sleeping, mood, and activities. 


3's & 4's Class

Hello! Welcome to the adventure that is Lee's class. Her class has two main rules - BE SAFE & HAVE FUN! We go outdoors every morning because I believe children should be running, climbing, shouting and poking things. You'll rarely hear me say, "be careful." Outdoors is also a fantastic place to quietly look, listen, smell, and touch. Our days are busy and the children quickly learn and appreciate the consistent schedule. It is a nice mix of quiet structure and more lively activities. We have a cozy, friendly, respectful vibe, lots of individual and group conversations. I wish the parents could hear our lunch time chats. We have lots of lifelike toy insects, mammals, sea creatures, and related books. My goal is to develop and enhance an appreciation for science in the world around us. We also have lots of materials to scoop, pour, sort, and measure. 

4's & 5's Prekindergarten Class


The #1 goal of this class is prepare the children for kindergarten. The classroom is set up in the perfect blend between a kindergarten class and a Pre-K class. Children play and learn at times in small groups and separate stations, but also learn how to function as a large group. The teachers and management work with local elementary schools to assure the children are on track. Children follow a daily routine including; group time, daily review, snack, projects, outside play, sharing, lunch, nap, free play, and snack, etc. Each month the children follow a new program which includes a variety of learning projects, learning games, and field trips. Some of the field trips include; the Oregon Zoo, Imagination Station, Monkey King Playhouse, bowling and many local parks.

School Age - Full Day & Before and After School Programs

Our before and after school program offers a safe, friendly, and structured experience for your school aged child. School aged children are served breakfast before they are taken to their bus stop - by our staff, or driven in our day care van. We currently service Menlo Park Elementary, Mill Park Elementary, and Lincoln Park Elementary. After school children are either met at their stop or picked up in our van and are provided a snack when they return to the center. At the center, children play outside, in the classroom and have access to technology tables and computers in the afternoon. 

We also have a very fun summer program while your child is out of school. Field trips are offered once or twice per week. Some of the field trips include; the David Douglas High School Pool, local parks for games and exploration, local gardening centers, bowling, the Oregon Zoo, and much more. 

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