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Panda Bears  4's & 5's

The #1 goal of this class is prepare the children for kindergarten. The two teachers in this class have over 55 years of combined childcare experience! The classroom is set up in the perfect blend between a kindergarten class and a Pre-K class. Children play and learn at times in small groups and separate stations, but also learn how to function as a large group.


The teachers and management work with local elementary schools to assure the children are on track. Children follow a daily routine including; group time, daily review, snack, projects, outside play, sharing, lunch, nap, free play, and snack, etc.


Each month the children follow a new program which includes a variety of learning projects, learning games, and field trips. Some of the field trips include; the Oregon Zoo, Imagination Station, Monkey King Playhouse, bowling and many local parks.

Happy Teacher

"Tomorrow is a

   NEW day!"



                    Teaching Philosophy

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