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6 weeks to 1 ½ years


The infant building is separate from our toddler and preschool building; and consists of four classes. In all classes, children learn best through play and having fun in loving and nurturing environment. 


Infants- We believe infants should be on their own schedule. They are encouraged to play on the floor with each other, get in some tummy time, and are offered a variety of toys, swings, bouncy seats, bumbos, and jumpers. Each facilitates a different view and learning experience to match their growing needs. We constantly talk to the infants so they can hear verbal language being spoken to them.

Mobile Infants- Similar to the infant classroom, these children are on their own schedules. We offer a similar variety of items, but in a bigger room and a greater selection of books and toys. They are also introduced to art projects and many different mediums.

Young Toddlers- This room is a great transition room. Children learn to sit at a table for snack and lunch, wash their own hands and follow a routine. We offer an even wider variety of toys, books, and art projects.


Each day parents are giving a daily report including; feedings, diaper changes, sleeping, mood, and activities. 

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