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Early Preschool 

3's & 4's
Hello! Welcome to the adventure that is Lee's class. Her class has two main rules - BE SAFE & HAVE FUN! We go outdoors every morning because I believe children should be running, climbing, shouting and poking things. You'll rarely hear me say, "be careful." Outdoors is also a fantastic place to quietly look, listen, smell, and touch. Our days are busy and the children quickly learn and appreciate the consistent schedule. It is a nice mix of quiet structure and more lively activities. We have a cozy, friendly, respectful vibe, lots of individual and group conversations. I wish the parents could hear our lunch time chats. We have lots of lifelike toy insects, mammals, sea creatures, and related books. My goal is to develop and enhance an appreciation for science in the world around us. We also have lots of materials to scoop, pour, sort, and measure. 
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